Membership Policy



Purpose: The purpose of the policy is to outline the requirements for membership in the EPS Global Ethics Commission (the Commission), Commission composition, term lengths, membership application process, member appointment, and termination of membership.

I. Qualifications and Requirements for Membership

A. A Qualified Applicant or GEC Member must:

1. Be a KRI Teacher Trainer or a SDI Minister in good standing, or an individual with professional expertise (e.g., legal, risk management, mediation, compliance) and substantive Community experience that would prove an asset to the Commission.
2. Be of good character; having never been convicted of or admitted to any felony offense or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude; does not represent any threat to the security of any element or member of the Sikh Dharma/3HO Community.
3. Have no active complaints with EPS and/or no history of a violation with Suspension, and no other violation within the last 7 years.
4. Have 7+ years’ experience within the Sikh Dharma/Kundalini Yoga Community, showing a high level of commitment to their practice and engagement in the Community. Is broadly respected within their country/region’s Community for leadership,  integrity, fairness, and ability to listen.  

B. Commission Members must:

1. Respect and maintain confidentiality in all matters brought before the Commission. 
Immediately disclose any potential conflict of interest in relation to a complaint brought before the Commission.
2. Remain free from favor toward any party in a matter.
3. Conduct themselves in all Commission matters with respectful communication, e.g., will be truthful, listen attentively to others,  and remain considerate despite any differing perspectives.
4. Demonstrate respect toward every person involved in a complaint.
6. Regularly attend and be engaged in meetings and responsibilities as outlined in GEC Meeting Attendance Policy.

II. Composition of the Commission

A. The Commission comprises of at least 15 voting members, with a maximum of 19 voting members, and 2 non-voting members, as follows:

1. One (1) ex officio seat: EPS Executive Director 

2. Ten (10) to Fourteen (14) Regular Members

    1. Qualified individuals may freely apply in accordance with this policy. 
    2. Applicants are vetted and selected for membership in accordance with this policy.

3. Five (5) Organizational Representatives (Org Reps), i.e., for KRI, SDI, 3HO International, IKYTA, and 3HO Europe.

      1. Each is appointed by the CEO/Director of the organization.
      2. Org Reps do not have term limits; the seat belongs to the Org. Orgs are requested to make any new appointments by December for the following year.
      3. In the event any organization declines to appoint a representative, the number of Regular Members may be increased so that at least 15 voting members remain.

4. Two (2) non-voting members: (EPS Grievance Enquiry Lead and EPS Administrator)

III. Compensation

A. Member positions are Volunteer (non compensated).
B. Organizational Representatives (3HO International, IKYTA, KRI, SDI, 3HO Europe, and EPS employees) may be paid for GEC participation as part of their employment.

IV. Regular Membership Terms

A. A term length is 3 years. 
B. Regular Members may opt to serve up to three terms; reappointment is not required. 
C. Regular Members have straddled terms, with 3-5 Member terms ending each year.

V. Notification of Vacancies to Organizations 

A. EPS will notify SDI, KRI, 3HO, IKYTA, 3HO Europe, and NKYTAs of upcoming Regular Member seats (if any) by 1 November each year.

1. SDI, KRI, 3HO, IKYTA, 3HO Europe, and NKYTA leadership may each recommend candidates.
2. SDI and KRI-ATA are requested to notify their constituents (Ministers and KRI-ATA Professional and Lead Trainers) that if qualified they may apply.

B. Notifications shall include an Application Packet for distribution by Organizations.

The Application Packet will include:
1. Application Invitation/Announcement
2. GEC Membership Application
3. GEC Membership Commitments & Responsibilities
4. GEC Membership Policy
5. GEC Attendance Policy
6. GEC Conflict of Interest Policy

VI. Application Process

A. Applications are accepted from approximately 1 November to 15 December.

B. Letters of Recommendation 

1. Applicants must personally know their Recommender(s) for at least 5 years.
2. Provide at least one Letter of Recommendation from any of the following:

a. Board Member of local NKYTA, 3HO International/IKYTA, 3HO Europe, SDI or KRI

b. Current Member of the GEC

c. KRI Professional or Lead Trainer in Good Standing

d. Active Sikh Dharma Minister

3. Recommenders may not be a family member, e.g., Applicant’s spouse, child, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandchild, grandparent (or similar relation by law/marriage)

C. Submit Application and Recommendation letter(s) via online Application Form.

1. Recommendation letters may also be submitted via email to EPS Executive Director ([email protected]).

VII. Selection Process

A. Applications will be vetted by EPS for meeting membership criteria. During this process EPS may request additional information or documentation.

B. EPS will notify applicants if they qualify or if they do not qualify (and for what reason) by 31 December.

C. Applications will be evaluated and summarized by EPS per additional criteria:
1. Years in Community
2. Type of leadership experience within KY/Dharmic communities
3. Other professional experience
4. Applicant is from a country/continent/area with many teachers and students/KY communities currently not represented on the GEC. 
5. Applicant is from racial/BIPOC, ethnic, or LGBTQIA+ group with low or no representation on the Commission.

D. If the number of qualified applicants does not exceed the number of available seats on the Commission, EPS will select the qualified applicants to fill the available seats.

E. In the event the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available seats a Selection Committee is formed comprising the EPS ED, KRI CEO or designee, SDI CEO or designee, ODC representative, and two non-EPS employee GEC members. Each will review the applications and the EPS evaluation and summary for each application, and vote on each applicant: Veto, Approve, Strongly Approve

1. A veto by any Committee member will disqualify the applicant.
2. “Approve” = 1 vote, “Strongly Approve” = 2 votes

F. The EPS ED will tally the votes and share the totals with the Selection Committee.

G. The applicants with the greatest number of votes will be selected to fill the vacant positions. In the event applicants have equal votes, they will be prioritized/further evaluated in accordance with the additional criteria in section C above.

H. The EPS ED will notify those selected and request confirmation of acceptance.

I. In the event any selected person declines membership, the applicant with the next highest number of votes (or in case of equal votes see F above).

J. Once all seats are confirmed as filled, the remaining applicants will be notified. 

VIII. New Member Orientation

A. New Members will be requested to: 

1. Provide to EPS their gmail address (to access the GEC Members Google folder). Member email addresses are not made publicly available.

2. Provide their portrait/headshot for the EPS website GEC page, their name as they wish it to appear, and their formal standings within KRI and/or SDI.

3. Review and sign the EPS Oath of Confidentiality (OOC) Agreement

4. Review the GEC Policies & Procedures Folder

5. Review the GEC annual training videos.

6. Complete the EPS Ethics & Anti-Harassment Training Course

B. New Members will be provided:

1. Access to GEC Policies & Procedures folder

2. Date and time of Annual Training

3. GEC meeting schedule and meeting invitations for the current year

Once everything requested of the New Member is provided and completed, they may join the next scheduled GEC meeting where they will be introduced to the Commission and provided an opportunity to ask questions.

IX. Regular Member Notification regarding intent to not renew or to resign

A. By 1 November each year, members whose first or second term expires the following year will notify EPS of their intention to remain for an additional term or to step down at end of the current term. 

1. During a regularly scheduled meeting prior to November 1, the EPS Executive Director will request all Members to provide such notification at the earliest possible date.

B. If a member resigns from the GEC prior to the end of their term and subsequent to the current year’s appointments, at the discretion of the EPS ED, their seat may remain vacant until the end of the current calendar year or may be filled before year end in accordance with the Selection Process.

1. A new appointee, selected in accordance with Selection Process outline below, will fill the vacated seat and complete the unexpired term (which will be considered their first term, regardless of length) and will then be eligible for two additional terms.

X. Organizational Representative Retirement from Commission

A. The Org Rep must notify their Organization of their intent/wish to retire.
B. The Organization is asked to appoint a new Org Rep by January of the following year (or at the earliest opportunity) so they may attend the Commission’s Annual Training and orientation that occurs in the 1st Quarter each year.

XI. Misconduct 

A. Misconduct has occurred if a Member is:

1. Found to not meet the Requirements outlined in section I) A) 1-3 above.
2. Found to have breached confidentiality in a matter brought before the Commission.
3. Found to have failed to disclose a potential conflict of interest in relation to a Complaint.
4. Found to conduct themselves contrary to the requirements set forth in section I) B) egregiously so, or recurring incidents despite requests to comply.
5. Found to have provided false information on the GEC Membership Application.
6. Is convicted of a crime in a court of law (see section XI) C) 4) c. below)

B. Consequence of Misconduct:

1. If misconduct occurs as outlined above, or other, undefined egregious conduct is found to have occurred, the Member will be Dismissed from the Commission.

C. Suspected Misconduct:

1. If a Member is suspected of Misconduct as outlined in XI) A) based on credible report(s):
a. EPS will investigate the report(s) in accordance with Procedure for Complaints against EPS Representatives. 
b. EPS will discuss the matter with the Member and may request information or documentation disproving the report(s).
c. The Member will fully cooperate with EPS in its investigation.
2. If a Member is Involved in a new Complaint with EPS. 
a. The GEC is not informed; see Procedure for Complaints against EPS Representatives.
3. Consequence of Suspected Misconduct:
a. At the EPS ED’s discretion, the Member may be suspended from the GEC pending the outcome of the investigation.
b. With the Complaint or suspected misconduct unsubstantiated and with the EPS ED’s approval, the Suspension will cease.
4. If a Member is found to be under criminal investigation or involved in a criminal proceeding:
a. The Member will be suspended from the GEC pending the outcome of the investigation and/or proceeding.
b. The GEC is informed of the suspension.
c. At the conclusion of the criminal proceedings:
i. If the Member is Convicted they will be permanently dismissed from the Commission.
ii. If the Member is not convicted, the EPS ED and the SSSC Office of Dharmic Counsel will make a decision regarding return to good standing or Dismissal.

Effective Date: 01.01.2023, rev. 04.15.2024