What is a Complaint Procedure Guide?

To answer questions and offer support, EPS offers a Guide to both the person who is the Reporter of the complaint, and to the person who is the Subject of complaint. Working with a Guide during the complaint process  is optional, however a Guide may still check in with you periodically .

Guides are Neutral

Complaint Procedure Guides are members of the EPS Global Ethics Commission (GEC). The GEC is an international and diverse body of KRI Lead Trainers, SDI Ministers, and other professionals that serves our global Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma communities in terms of adjudicating complaints against Kundalini Yoga teachers and SDI ministers. In order for Complaint Procedure Guides to remain neutral in their role, they do not participate in the GEC’s deliberations and decision-making processes regarding the complaint.

The role of the guide:

  • To serve as a channel of communication between you and EPS
  • To provide support and information about the complaint procedure and current status.
  • To help walk individuals through what can be an emotional process with understanding.
  • To check in with you periodically during the investigation and afterwards
  • To be a respectful, supportive and neutral resource

The function of the guide is not:

  • To serve as an advocate
  • To provide advice or counseling
  • To share opinions or recommendations about the result of your process