STEP 1 – Please read the Complaint Procedure for the type of complaint you wish to file.

  1. Procedure for complaints against individual Kundalini Yoga Teacher, KRI Teacher Trainers and participants in KRI Level One Teacher Training
  2. Procedure for complaints against individual Sikh Dharma International Ministers
  3. Procedure for complaints involving an organization: 3HO, IKYTA , KRI, SDI, SikhNet, SDEI or other SSSC Organizations

STEP 2 – File the Complaint – Fill out the form and hit “Submit” button to submit to EPS. Include at least one valid phone number for yourself and for the Teacher, Trainer, Minister, or SSSC Organization the complaint is against, if possible.

  1. Against an an individual Kundalini Yoga Teacher or KRI Teacher Trainer
  2. Against an individual Sikh Dharma International Minister
  3. Against an SSSC Organization

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