Our Mission is: 

to nurture and strengthen a culture of ethical behavior and integrity within our Kundalini Yoga and Dharmic communities, where commitment to non-harm ensures all voices are heeded, all individuals are treated with respect, and all hold accountability for their actions.

Our Purpose is:

  • Advancing healthy student-teacher and sangat-ministerial relationships through upholding the KRI and SDI Minister Codes of Ethics.
  • Championing an ethical, inclusive, diverse, and transparent culture where all participants can speak freely and be heard with respect.
  • Providing education and resources on ethics to Kundalini Yoga teachers, teacher trainers, students, Sikh Dharma ministers, SSSC Legacy Nonprofits, and communities.
  • Making available safe and secure mechanisms for issues to be reported.
  • Implementing fair and respectful processes for addressing and adjudicating complaints and concerns.