Disciplinary Status

for KRI-Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers and Sikh Dharma International Ministers

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Disciplinary StatusRestrictions
SuspensionThe individual cannot serve as a KRI certified teacher or an ATA credentialed teacher trainer, and cannot represent KRI, 3HO, IKYTA, NKYTA, or SDI. Other restrictions and/or requirements may be included. After a specified period of time the individual may apply for Reinstatement. Reinstatement typically includes an at least two-year Probation period.
(formerly “Permanent Suspension,” “Indefinite Suspension”)
Permanent revocation of KRI credentials – The individual is permanently prohibited from representing KRI, IKTYA, SDI or 3HO in any matter and from teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. If the individual is a Sikh Dharma minister, their title and ministry status is terminated. Any status in the KRI Aquarian Trainer Academy is permanently revoked. Revocation, for the safety and wellbeing of the community and KY students, prohibits the individual from ever teaching KYATBYB anywhere. Revocation may also bar attendance or teaching any subject at major events such as Solstice, Yoga Festival, etc. Such exclusions apply as their presence at such events could pose safety risk for other attendees and retraumatize those who were harmed.
TerminationPermanent termination of SDI Ministerial credentials.
Abbreviation Definitions
ATAAquarian Trainer Academy
CPEPS Complaint Procedure
KRIKundalini Research Institute
KYKundalini Yoga
KYATBYBKundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®
MinorA person under the age of 18
SDISikh Dharma International
Prof. TrainerProfessional Trainer
NameCountryCredentialsDisciplinary StatusStart
Area of Concern
Gurudhan Singh KhalsaUSAKRI KY Teacher & Lead TrainerSuspensionJune
Advertising & Promotion, Teachers in Community
Amir JaanUKKRI KY Teacher & Teacher TrainerRevocationAug
Student-Teacher Relationship, Resigned during CP
Bhai Himat Singh Khalsa
(aka Henry Ahleselder)
USA / SwedenKRI KY Teacher & Lead TrainerSuspension2015Public Communications, Teachers in Community, Professional Competence
Sat Siri Kaur
(aka Wiveca Leuchovius)
SwedenKRI KY Teacher & Lead TrainerSuspension2015Public Communications, Teachers in Community, Professional Competence
Akal Muret SinghBrazilKRI KY Teacher & Prof. TrainerSuspensionJan
Resigned during CP
Karta Singh
(Satyavrati Yogi, Jean-Louis Astoul)
FranceKRI KY Teacher & Lead Trainer, SDI MinisterRevocation, Termination2016Student-Teacher Relationship, Scope of Practice, Roles & Responsibilities of Ministerial Relationship, Resigned during CP
Hari Gopal KaurParaguayKRI KY TeacherRevocationMay
Student-Teacher Relationship, Resigned during CP
Amandeep SinghUSAKRI KY Teacher & Prof. TrainerRevocationMarch
Scope of Practice, Resigned during CP
Kirpal Singh KhalsaEspanola, NM, USAKRI KY Teacher & Prof. Trainer, SDI MinisterRevocation, TerminationApril 2019Student-Teacher Relationship, Roles and Responsibilities of Ministerial Relationship, Misconduct with Minors
Atma Singh
(aka Olivier Bagneres)
FranceKRI KY TeacherSuspensionJanuary 2020Class Structure
Sat Dharm Singh KhalsaRochester, NYKRI KY TeacherSuspensionFebruary 2020Student-Teacher Relationship
Ram Das Singh KhalsaAlbuquerque, NM, USASDI MinisterTerminationSeptember 2020Roles and Responsibilities of Ministerial Relationship, Misconduct with Minors
Prabhugian Singh (aka Ruben Hernandez)DenmarkKRI KY TeacherRevocationDecember 2020Student-Teacher Relationship
Aftab Singh Khalsa KRI KY TeacherRevocationMarch
Student-Teacher Relationship
Crystelle BrownTN, USAKRI KY TeacherSuspensionDecember 2022Student-Teacher Relationship
Frida Lyckinger (aka Devi Kirin Kaur)SwedenKRI KY TeacherSuspensionDecember 2023Student-Teacher Relationship
Angad Kaur (aka Rebecca Lo, Mo Ching Lo)ChinaKRI KY TeacherSuspensionApril 2024Harassment, Communication, Professional Responsibilities