our staff


Executive Director

Joined EPS staff in March 2022 after serving for a year on EPS Global Ethics Commission and has served as the Executive Director since April 1, 2023. He has a Master’s Degree in Social Administration and has held directorship and senior positions in both non-profit and managed care organizations in social services and healthcare. Manjot Singh has been a member of the Sikh Dharma-Kundalini Yoga community since 2010 and is also a yoga teacher. He lives on the island of Gotland on the Baltic Sea with his wife and children.


SatShabad KAUR

EPS Administrator

Joined EPS staff in August 2019. She has a BA in Organizational Management, an AA in Business Administration, and an AA in Accounting. SatShabad has worked in the Legacy For-Profit and Non-Profit businesses since 1999. 

Vedya Amrita Kaur

Grievance Enquiry Lead

Joined EPS Staff in June 2023 after serving three years on EPS Global Ethics Commission. She has a BS in Marketing with 17 years of experience in the corporate sector and has held various leadership positions, including working in human resources and business analyses. Vedya Amrita has served the Kundalini Yoga community as Board Chairperson of the Kundalini Research Institute and has co-led community initiatives for the SSSC around Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility. Additionally, Vedya Amrita is a trained Restorative Justice Facilitator. She resides in New York City, where she can be seen riding a bicycle throughout the city streets.