EPS Global Ethics Commission

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Global Ethics Commission is to support the Office of Ethics & Professional Standards through participation in Complaint Procedures, recommendations for best practices, and ethics education with compassion, integrity, and expertise, and in service to our worldwide communities and organizations.

What We Do: 

The EPS Global Ethics Commission (GEC) is an international and diverse body that serves our global Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma International communities in terms of adjudicating serious complaints regarding KRI-certified teachers and trainers and Sikh Dharma ministers. The GEC evaluates the EPS investigation findings, determines if a breach of a Code of Ethics has occurred and, if so, determines any outcome and/or discipline for the teacher/minister and any other action helpful to resolution. The GEC also serves in an advisory capacity to EPS and the Siri Singh Sahib Corp. regarding ethics-related concerns.

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