Mission Statement:

The Office of Ethics & Professional Standards & Conscious Conflict Resolution actively works to maintain the ethics and integrity of 3HO communities, Kundalini Yoga Teachers, KRI Teacher Trainers, and Sikh Dharma International Ministers.  It offers guided pathways of conscious conflict resolution.

Vision Statement:

EPS serves the unity, ethics, and integrity of our local and global communities and Sangats by working with appropriate entities and individuals to resolve complaints and violations of our codes of ethics.  We create and maintain processes that allow challenging situations to be worked through systematically, fairly, and respectfully.  We educate our communities and Sangats, Ministers, Teachers, and Teacher Trainers in how to work together in ethical and conscious ways.  EPS teaches our values and standards everywhere we serve

EPS works to resolve concerns/complaints regarding KRI Kundalini Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers, SDI Ministers & the respected non-profit organizations. This office works independently from, but very closely with, KRI, IKYTA, 3HO, and SDI.  We have been handling complaints since 2014.

EPS offers a Complaint Procedure.  It also offers Mediation to help two or more parties resolve a conflict and Restorative Justice, an ancient/contemporary pathway for a community to work together to heal a harm.

EPS is open to all and wishes to serve all.  If you have a concern you are encouraged to speak with EPS directly so that together we can find a solution.

EPS offers Conflict Resolution, Complaint Procedures, Mediation and Restorative Justice services.

Values & Codes