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1 Ethics & Professional Standards & Conscious Conflict Resolution (EPS) – Ethics Means: Living Radiant Energy Expressed in Mutuality & Kindness


Mission Statement:

The Office of Ethics & Professional Standards & Conscious Conflict Resolution actively maintains the ethics and integrity of 3HO/KRI/Sikh Dharma communities, gay-pornoKundalini Yoga teachers, KRI teacher trainers, and the non-profit organizations by:

1. Supporting safe environments for our members, communities, and organizations

2. Educating all segments of our community in ethical and respectful behavior

3. Empowering students to have strong clear voices in our global 3HO/KRI/Sikh Dharma communitiesIndian gay sex fucking hard - sex, Indian, gay

4. Championing an ethical, inclusive, diverse, and transparent culture where all participants can speak freely and be heard with respect

5. Enhancing the integrity and professionalism of Kundalini Yoga teachers and KRI teacher trainers

6. Offering guided Astonishing gay anal fucking - anal, gay, Astonishingpathways of conscious conflict resolution

Vision Statement:

EPS serves the unity, ethics, and integrity of our local and global 3HO/KRI/Sikh Gay hairdresser fucking his jock customer - Gay, hairdresser, fuckingDharma communities by working with the relevant entities and individuals to resolve complaints and violations of our codes of ethics.  We create and maintainFree black gay porn of licking ass and finger and guy fucks cow hard - gay, black, Free processes that allow challenging situations to be worked through systematically, fairly, and respectfully.  We educate our communities, ministers, teachers, and teacher trainers in how to work in ethical and conscious ways. 

EPS has been handling complaints since 2014 using a formal Complaint ProcedureTwink teen tube gay male Brendan & Ryan - Undie Swap & Fuck - teen, Twink, tube, Mediation and Restorative Justice. EPS works independently from, but very closely with, KRI, IKYTA, 3HO, and SDI. 

EPS is open toGay sex arab short films and fucking These 2 straight backpackers - sex, arab, Gay all and wishes to serve all.  If you have a concern, you are encouraged to contact EPS so together we can create solutions.

Values & Codes