EPS Complaint Procedure

Against SSSC Organizations (3HO, IKYTA, KRI, SDI, Sikhnet, SDEI/MPA or other SSSC Organization)

When EPS receives a Complaint via the Helpline, Online Complaint Form (preferred method), Phone or Email, the following procedure takes place:

  1.  EPS will acknowledge receipt of the Complaint within two (2) business days.
  2. EPS will review the Complaint and determine the appropriate process to be followed. If an anonymous Complaint is received through the helpline/hotline EPS will determine whether it has sufficient information to initiate a Complaint Procedure. If a Complaint Procedure is initiated, the person(s) bringing the Complaint is referred to as the Complainant and the entity(ies) who the Complaint is about is referred to as the Subject of Complaint.
  1. EPS will contact the Complainant to provide an overview of the process to be followed.
  1. EPS will bring the Complaint to a team from the EPS Global Ethics Commission to plan the investigation. A Guide will be assigned for Complainant to check in with them at least monthly throughout the process.
  1. The timing of the notification of the Subject of Complaint will be determined as part of the plan.
    • A Guide will be assigned to the Subject of Complaint at the time of notification.
    • After being notified of the Complaint, the Subject of Complaint shall not have any contact with the Complainant. Any contact with the Complainant may lead to further action by EPS.
    • Any kind of retaliation by Subject of Complaint will result in disciplinary action.
    • The Subject of Complaint shall maintain confidentiality about the identity and circumstances of the Complainant both during and after the Complaint Procedure.
  1. EPS will investigate the Complaint.
  1. Once the Subject of Complaint is notified of the Complaint, the Subject of Complaint must send EPS a written, signed Response within ten (10) business days, unless a longer period of time is approved by EPS. (EPS will provide a Response Form to the Subject of Complaint).
  1. If the Subject of Complaint does not respond in writing within ten (10) business days, EPS will send a Warning Letter giving them an additional ten (10) business days to respond.
  1. If the Subject of Complaint does not respond in writing within ten (10) business days after the Warning Letter is sent, EPS will send a Notice to Take Action giving them a final five (5) business days to respond.
  1. The Complaint will continue regardless of the lack of participation by the Subject of Complaint.
  1. EPS will prepare a report of the investigation which will be presented to the full EPS Global Ethics Commission (“the Commission”).
  1. The Commission will adjudicate whether or not the conduct occurred based on the applicable standard of proof.
  1. The Commission will determine the appropriate consequences. Consequences will be based on the nature and severity of the harm.
  1. EPS and KRI will communicate the Decision in writing to the Subject of Complaint. EPS will also inform the Complainant and any other entities as appropriate.
  1. The Guide for the Complainant may continue to check in with the Complainant after the Complaint Procedure is completed unless the Complainant declines.
  1. The Subject of Complaint or the Complainant may appeal the Decision solely on the basis that the consequences imposed were not fair or not in alignment with the core values of 3HO, IKYTA and KRI.
    • An Appeal Request Form must be sent in writing to EPS within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the Decision.
    • EPS will promptly submit the Appeal to the Appeals Panel.
    • The Appeals Panel will issue its decision within forty-five (45) business days of the date the appeal was filed.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Complaint Procedure, EPS does not entertain Counter Complaints against the Complainant, EPS, or any of the SSSC Organizations.

To File a Complaint, please click HERE.

If you have any questions about the Complaint Procedure or Appeal Process, kindly contact EPS at eps@epsweb.org

Updates currently in progress, Sept 2020.