Early in 2020, multiple allegations concerning sexual misconduct by our founder Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji (Yogi Bhajan) came to light. As a non-profit religious organization with a commitment to high ethical standards, the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (SSSC) took formal steps to address the allegations. We directed the formation of a Collaborative Response Team (CRT), which was tasked with responding to the allegations in a transparent and timely manner.

The SSSC then commissioned an independent organization, An Olive Branch (AOB), to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations. As the allegations were made posthumously, efforts were made throughout the process to ensure that Yogi Bhajan’s students and supporters had the opportunity to speak on his behalf. Neither the SSSC, the CRT, nor any of our affiliate organizations have had any influence over An Olive Branch’s process or its report. The SSSC Board would like

Translation of the cover letter are available below:

Investigation Report

The report is a difficult document to read. Please be aware that the report contains graphic descriptions of sexual misconduct and strong language that may trigger you as a reader.

Translation of the full report is provided below in Spanish, German, Russian, French, Portuguese and Italian:

Our Commitment to Safety

The Siri Singh Sahib Corporation and all of its affiliated organizations stand united against abuse of any type. We are committed to a safe environment for everyone who participates in any of our activities.

Community Support Resources:

Information & Processing Sessions

Listening tours that provide safe spaces for personal processing, community dialogue, and sharing. All community members are invited to participate, and registration and schedules are available at

Office of Ethics and Professional Standards

A formal channel for making reports about concerns or unethical behavior is the Office of Ethics and Professional Standards, which can be reached at 1-888-805-4888 or email

Additional resources for reporters of harm:

Professional Counseling

We have made confidential, professional counseling available to any individual asserting harm from the sexual misconduct described in the report. SSSC has contracted support services through Concern, which will provide a confidential intake and referral to a provider in its network. Concern can be reached at or at 800-344-4222 for personal assistance.

If reading the report triggers strong reactions of grief and/or trauma for you, we encourage you to find local resources to support you in processing those emotions.

FAQs About The Investigation

The Collaborative Response Team Website has information about the investigation and answers to frequently asked questions: